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Complete Daily Support

Boost your energy, focus and vitality with AM as part of your morning regime. 

PM works whilst you sleep to Cleanse + detox your body & balance your gut 

    • Improve overall body strength: The perennial herb Vidarikand serves as a tonic, is anti-aging, and immunity boosting. The rasayanic herb Kokilaksha rejuvenates and stimulates, providing strength and energy to the body. Gokhru, an anti-inflammatory plant promotes increased strength, energy production and stamina.
    • Invigorates the body and mind: The Shatavari asparagus plant increases ojas (the ultimate energy reserve of the body), improves vitality and boosts energy. Complemented by Amla, an Indian gooseberry, serving as a rich natural source of vitamin c, used as a tonic to build lost energy and vigor.
    • Enhances cognitive activity: Jethimadh, a flowering plant derived from the bean family, increases energy and acts as a natural cortisone, calming fatigue and allergies.
    • Boost brain function: Medical herb Ashwagandha relieves stress, increases energy levels, and improves concentration.
    • Enhances mood and stabilizes emotions: Ashwagandha acts to reduce anxiety and helps to fight depression. The velvet bean Kaunch Beej, derived from a leguminous plant,  enhances brain function, lowers stress, anxiety, elevates mood and increases overall wellbeing and happiness.
    • Removes harmful toxins from poorly digested food:  Medicinal herb Giloy known as the ‘root of immortality’ serves as a blood purifier, removing AMA toxins from undigested food. Reinforced with the Jethimadh diuretic herb which detoxifies the body.
    • Purifies the blood: Manjistha and the Amla berry, purifying the blood. Manjistha acts as a mild diuretic helping to remove toxins.
    • Cleanses the colon: The Amla berry, rich in antioxidants, acts as a mild laxative, removing excess toxins from the colon.
    • Fights off constipation: The Amla berry, a fiber rich fruit, keeps the gut functioning and fights constipation. Senna leaves serve as a laxative to relieve constipation.
    • Improves nutrient absorption and metabolism: Senna leaves eliminate toxins in the digestive tract, improving nutrient absorption and metabolism combined with the herb Behada. Behada also helps to remove mucus from the digestive tract and enhances absorption of nutrients.


    Gluten Free No Preservatives No Artificial Colours No Added Sugar


      AM + PM